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Photo Book Information

Isn’t it too late to start?

No. Never. If you start today then you will be able to catch up quicker than if you start next year. I always encourage a calendar-based project, so January- December. It is easier to organize, but it is whatever works for you. I will work with you to find the best option.

Where to begin?

My recommendation is start with what you know, so 2019 is a perfect year to start and work backwards. Get yourself working on combining all your 2019 photos, give them to me, and I’ll create you your book! Once it’s ordered and delivered, I can promise you will want to start working backwards and start on looking for all your 2018 photos.  

Options from past clients:

There are so many different variations of books that you could do to capture your memories.

Year in Review: This is probably the easiest and most logical. Take all the photos from the year and put them in order by month.

Academic Year: There is always an option for the academic year! Follow your kids through their school journey.

Weekly: Similar to the year in review, but week by week. This would require taking lots of pictures every week.

Baby’s first year: The first year is full of so many milestones! Capture them quickly and before you forget. This way your baby will have a book they can look back on.

Travel: putting pictures of vacations into a book. Remember all the fun that you had!

Multi-Year: Sometimes we don't take enough photos in a year. We can totally combine multiple years into one book.

Other: Not seeing what inspires you? Let me know and we can come up with something that you will love!


What is the process?

First gather all of your photos for the book that you want and give them to me. Once I have them I will put them in a book for you. We’ll review it together and make any changes necessary. Once you are in love with it, I will order it and wait to deliver it to you!

I’m still not sure…. Why should I do this? I look at photos on my phone!

I look at photos on my phone too! But no one else gets to enjoy them, and I want my friends and family to see them. When they are sitting in a photo book on my coffee table more people are willing to take a look and reminisce on times that we shared together. There have been many times that people look at old photos in the books and be reminded of an event that we went to!

But I put certificates and stuff from my kids in scrapbooks, what would I do with those?

Lets chat! We are totally able to scan these into your books.

I really like doing the work myself because I get to go through the photos

I totally get that! You can keep doing what you want to do. The option is here if you ever need because I know that it is hard to find the time to do it. With me all you have to do it go through your images, give them to me, and I present you with a book!

Do you have a book I can look at?

Yes! I have many that you can take a look at and review. Let’s set up a date to go over them!

Okay, I loved the book you made me! I have all these old printed images, what can I do with them?

I do have a scanning service available for printed images. We can scan them and turn them into a beautiful photo book! Let’s chat about your different options.

Can I add text to these books?

Yes! Through the process of making the book I will allow for you to add the text that you would like. I understand that some images will need context.

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